>>> It’s Poinsettia Time! (11-29-15) <<<

poinsettia2The poinsettias will be in the church for the First Sunday in Advent, which is Nov 29th. There will be a list included in the church bulletin each Sunday, stating both the donors and recipients. The poinsettia during the Christmas season are, in honor of, in memory of, or in gratitude for a special person in your life.
Church poinsettias

Bill Cheney In loving memory of my Mother, Ruth Cheney
Jan Emigh In remembrance of Stanley L. Bertholf
In remembrance of Verna & Walter Emigh
John & Susie Evans In honor of Margaret Sheffield
In memory of Ruth Cheney, my second mother
Rusty Frederick In memory of my son, Jim Frederick
Rusty & Grace Frederick In memory of our departed families & friends
In honor of our beloved families & friends
In gratitude for this wonderful church –
Pastor & Congregation
Chet & Lynette Gray In memory of Betty Smith
In memory of Chester Gray
Bill & Fern Jennings In memory of Ruth Cheney
In memory of Ted Sample
In memory of Doris Rogers
Robert & Sharon McArthur In memory of Bob & Georgia McArthur
In memory of Holland & Julia Williams
Charles & Donna Nance In memory of family
Judy Nevieau In memory of Tom Nevieau
Mike & Peg Russell In memory of Joe B. Russell
In memory of Bob Goodwill
Charles & Jeanette Smoot In memory of our parents and grandparents
Susan Spaulding In memory of Ruth Cheney, who taught us all
the lesson of love and kindness
Ted & Jill Thistle In memory of Richard & Joanne Kittle
Ronnie & Judy Tipton In honor of our sons, Anthony, Jason and Bryan;
our daughters-in-law Kami and Lisa, and
our grandchildren Cade, Parker, Reid, Max & Allie Tipton
Audrie Tittle In memory of Esther Nielsen
Richard & Tish Toner In blessed memory of my/our daughter Allison who
died at the age of 16 years – God blesses