Kids Club End of Year 2020

Today would have been our last day to meet in The Kids Bible Club. Each year we have closed our time together with a special presentation and party for you and your family. Due to the Quarantine, we are unable to gather together. So we wanted to end our year with a review of the journey we have taken together growing in our Lord, and leave you with a special video presentation showing the fun we had together and the love we shared with Jesus!


The Bible is filled with true stories of how God uses ordinary people like you and me to accomplish extraordinary things! The Superbook adventures we have seen together, have shown us how God used people like Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Each one had a special purpose in God’s plan.
God made you just the way you are, and He has a special purpose for your life. When we become Christians, we all become part of the body of Christ. Think about it! Jesus is up in heaven, yet He says that we are His body here on Earth! We are His eyes, looking around us to see who needs His love. We are His ears, listening to others share their hurts and fears so we can encourage them. We are His arms, reaching out to hug lonely people. We are His hands, serving the poor. We are His feet, going out into the world to share the Gospel.
God gives each of us special talents and abilities to serve Him. He also asks us to do certain jobs or tasks in His kingdom. Some people may preach or teach, while others may serve or pray. Some of these jobs get more attention than others, but all of them are equally important in God’s eyes. The key is that we must listen to what God tells us to do, then obey Him! That’s how we are an important part of His plan.  Big or small, every job in God’s kingdom is important! And God wants to use each of us to do His work in the world.
Remember God blesses us so that He can use us to bless others. It is our hope that you will continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus until we meet again. We hope to see you next year and hope that you will invite other children to join you at the Kids Bible Club, so you can share the gospel with them. Then they too can get to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him, discovering His plan for them.
And now we hope you will all enjoy this video presentation.
Love you all, Ms Jan 


We want the kids and volunteers at KBC to know how much we’ve enjoyed being with you all.   When we bring you children from School over to Murphy Presbyterian Church, whatever the season, not one of you ever complained about the walk or the weather.  Because the KBC teachers are so great and care about each and every one of you, we have enjoyed watching you grow older and wiser as you’ve learned God’s word; and frankly, we also grew older and wiser right along with you.  We even enjoyed the snacks and fun games. Always remember, no matter what happens in your life, Jesus loves you and is always there for you – just ask him for His help.  If any of you are not affiliated with a church, we’d love to have you attend our Murphy Presbyterian Church with your parents so that we could fellowship more with you. God bless each and every one of you and your families.
Love, Grace and Rusty Frederick

What a cool KBC group you all are! Your excitement for learning God’s Word and praying pleases Jesus and all of us. PLEASE read your Bible and pray this summer as you continue to grow in Jesus. Love and prayers for each of you, 
Ms Judy

Hi kids, I have really missed you during these past weeks. I have missed doing our crafts together! But most of all I have missed sharing God’s incredible love with you! Be safe and I hope to see you next year!
Love, Ms. Spaulding 

Here is a message from “Miss Fern, the Brazil missionary”:  “We hope you miss us as much as we miss you all!  Remember to keep reading your Bibles and that God has a plan for you so you will be able to discover what adventures He has for your future.  
Love, “Miss Fern”

We have missed the smiles and beautiful faces of all of you. To see you listen and react to God’s word is amazing and gratifying to us. Stay close to your bible this summer and enjoy the warm weather with your families. Looking forward to being with you again in the fall. Donna and I pray for His blessings and Grace on each of you.
Love, Charlie and Donna

Hello KBC Students! We have missed our fun times at the after school Bible Club.  Seeing your smiling faces and hearing your laughter as we learned more about God and His love for us, just blessed us so much! We hope you are all well and happy.  Please know that we have been praying for you and your families during this pandemic.  Be strong in the Lord!
Have a great summer,
Love,  Doug & Janet Drew

I have enjoyed our journey together and I thank your parents for entrusting you to us each and every Wednesday. I look forward to seeing many of you next year, and feel truly blessed that I have had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with each of you!
Love you, Ms Jan

We know you will indeed accomplish extraordinary things! Continue to Live out God’s Word and Be a Shining Light! Please stay in touch and come back and visit us. I know we will miss you so very much!
In Christ, The KBC Team

Special Recognition Gift
In recognition of each fifth-grader, our church has selected a special gift to present to you. We will be calling fifth-grade parents to set up a time to pick up this gift in the next several weeks.