Our Affiliation

Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Our name describes us well. The EPC is both evangelical and Presbyterian. We are evangelical in our zeal for the Gospel, as well as, evangelism, missions and living obediently as followers of Jesus. At the same time, we are rooted deeply in the Protestant Reformation and especially the theological and pastoral work of John Calvin. We embrace the Westminster Confession of Faith as our doctrinal standard and the rule of spiritually mature elders linked together regionally as the best way to guide local congregations.

Find out more about the EPC at their website: http://epc.org


The Presbytery of the Southeast is the next higher governing body of the EPC above the local church level. It consists of churches found in 4 different states. As a connected church, Murphy Presbyterian is held accountable to the standards of the Reformed Tradition by our membership in the Presbytery.

Visit the Presbytery’s website: http://epcsoutheast.org

Murphy, North Carolina

Murphy, North Carolina, is the county seat of Cherokee County located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Murphy is an old town with its origin dating back to 1839. Downtown is beautiful with tree lined streets and many historic buildings restored to their original state. Murphy has restaurants, many unique shops, and other interesting establishments all within walking distance in the heart of town.

We are proud of our local community. Visit their website: http://townofmurphync.com