Here are the prayer requests/praises: Sunday 7-08-18

Here are the prayer requests/praises:

(praise) – released by her doctor for a trip with daughter
Thailand – that the rescue of the soccer team trapped in the underwater cave would be smooth and safe
Joyce – recovery from knee surgery
Judy N – spinal injection for pain Monday (7-09-18)
Judy L – Mental and physical health; that her family would have the strength to care for her in this trying time
Andrew – The possibility that he may be released in a few weeks; that God would continue to encourage and strengthen him

John M – hospital
Dorma M – knee replacement
Harold – pacemaker
Mary H – very ill
Vickey R – Cancer (treatable)
Sue-Beth – Cancer (terminable)
Rita D – Alzheimer’s
Audrey – Recovery
Tom – Surgery on the throat for vocal cancer 7/3

Turkey’s elections
Andrew Brunson
Mary – lonely and sad
Audrie – Continues to improve
Praise – Billy livening up
Praise – Ted’s heart valve working fine

Prayer of Thanksgiving for the excellent results of Audrie’s procedure at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, including Spiritual, Emotional and Professional support from the Staff
Prayer for the family of George Cline, to heal the grief caused by his death last week.
Prayer of Thanksgiving for the positive change in Billy at the Nursing Home
Prayer to restore civility in political discourse in all of American public life.

heart valve surgery Wednesday
Summit between USA and North Korea
Persecuted Church
Janet’s daughter
– divorce

                                Ted – tightness in his chest. (Monday update, the doctors repaired a stint that had narrowed)
Andrew Brunson
Sharon – continued healing from her surgery and God’s presence as she continues to recover from Kevin’s death
Findley – surgery for his cleft palate
John and Susie – safety while traveling
Audrie – praise that God brought her through her surgeries safely
Jason – wrist surgery
Harold – pneumonia
Jeanette  – quick recovery